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We understand the time constraints entrepreneurs and small businesses face.  While you are actively working in your business, it doesn’t take long for the clutter to take over.  Papers start to pile up, files don’t get returned to their home and the supplies cabinet takes on a life of its own.

Simplify can help you push the reset button by eliminating unnecessary clutter, optimizing the use of your office space, and ensuring that what you need to be effective to work your business, is readily available and accessible when and where you need it.  The benefits that can be realized from our business organizing services can make a tangible difference in the workflow, productivity, level of stress, and reclaimed lost space within your business activities.


Workflow Managment

Workflow is everything in a small business office.  We sit down and review your processes, from where your inbox is located to how you organize files and incoming projects. From there, we create a plan that works best for your office space and your business.  Our goal is to help you optimize how you and your office work in tandem.  Then we get to work. Unnecessary and extraneous items and information become orderly and manageable.  Personal and business recordkeeping and processes come out of the ‘just-in-time’ shoe box and workflow becomes easier and more natural.  Items that once were lost in the shuffle of paperwork become organized and accessible.

Paper Management

Even though more and more businesses are moving towards the goal of a paperless office, the fact is, paper is still the main medium for documentation.  Staying on top of document management can be time consuming and if there isn’t a process in place, paper can literally take over an office – we’ve seen it happen!   We approach paper management in the same way we declutter your office space – simply and systematically.  Paper piles are broken down into manageable, workable stacks which we then help you work through by clarifying what is needed and what is dispensable.  Once the piles have been simplified, we file it for you into existing or newly created folders.


Just like our home service, our office decluttering assistance is to help small businesses sort through the clutter and get back to basics so you know exactly where files are stored and exactly what you have in your inventory.  From office supplies, to how your files are managed and where your resources are kept, we provide a fresh, objective approach to simplifying your office contents, removing the unnecessary so your office space is functional and optimized for success.

In addition to the time spent in your office, our organizing sessions include shopping time for supplies, coordinating appointments with vendors and contractors and removing any items designated for donation.

Need help staying on top of things?  Check out our Personal Assistant + Virtual Assistant services  and learn more about how we can help manage your shopping list for essential supplies, run errands, schedule needed services, manage appointments with clients and much more.

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Simplify merely changed my life. My home office has never been better organized (and seriously decluttered!) and my accountant sent me kudos for finally graduating from the pile of papers shoved into a shoebox. Makes a huge difference! Next? The garage….

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