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As a small business owner I know the importance of having an organized office.  Research studies show the benefits of an organized office range from improved productivity to lower stress levels.  My goal is to help you optimize your office space so it works for you, not against you.

Office Workflow Audit

review your office space from where your desk is situated to how you organize files and office supplies and learn about your systems + processes. From there, I create a detailed plan that outlines all the steps needed to optimize your office.  At this point, you decide if you want to implement the recommendations yourself or if you want to work together.  information become orderly and manageable.  

Paper Management

Staying on top of document management can be time consuming and if there isn’t a process in place, paper can literally take over an office – I’ve seen it happen!  I approach paper management the same way I declutter your office space – simply and systematically.  Paper piles are broken down into manageable, workable stacks which I then help you work through.  


Just like our home organizing service, I help you sort through the clutter and get back to basics. From office supplies, to how your files are managed and where your resources are kept, I provide a fresh, objective approach to simplifying your office so your office space is functional and optimized for success.


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Simplify merely changed my life. My home office has never been better organized (and seriously decluttered!) and my accountant sent me kudos for finally graduating from the pile of papers shoved into a shoebox. Makes a huge difference! Next? The garage….

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