personal & home services

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of effort and time it takes to manage our personal and household affairs. Whether we are actively working, or retired, our day-to-day lives involve engagement with dozens of services, social connections, maintenance activities and other seemingly petty chores. Managing these well, and the shuttling back and forth often associated with them is something simplify can help you do more efficiently and effectively.

Personal Assistant Services

Simplify’s personal assistant services are one way we can help. Over-the-telephone or email, we can coordinate service calls, manage appointments or calendars, make restaurant or travel reservations, manage tradesman relationships, and other tasks that eat up your valuable time. You contact us, let us know what has to be done, we confirm and do the rest. Simple.


On a scheduled basis, we can take care of your errands, too. We can look after your dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery, prescriptions, groceries, gift buying, merchandise returns and a myriad of other little tasks.

Event Planning

Simplify can also help with the details of planning private parties, small intimate weddings, major meals, family reunions, graduation celebrations and other personal events including preparation and sending of invitations, entertainment, food arrangements, and other accommodations. You don’t have to handle it alone. We can help.

House Watch

Things still have to be done, when you’re on holiday.

Not least, we can help you keep an eye on things. We ensure that mail is collected, plants watered, and required services are performed, all while you are away.  

Wait Service

You’ve finally booked that service call or made a purchase for home delivery.  Instead of spending your Saturday sitting at home, or using a vacation day on a week day, let us do the waiting for you.

Benefits of Simplify’s Personal & Home Services

You spend more time doing the things most meaningful to you and your family. We take care of the details. We make it convenient and simple.

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