Louise Nettleton, Prinicipal

Louise Nettleton, Owner & Chief Detail Enthusiast

Life is busy. Our mission is to make it simple for you.

Simplify is about making your life easy. We offer a variety of organizing & personal assistant services designed to make life at home, life at the office, or life during transitions, simpler and easier.

We are trained.

We are a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada and a trained Concierge Professional by Triangle International. Our training and services utilize our proven organization, time management, event management and task management skills  – all to assist you in simplifying what has to be done and how it gets done. In your home, at the office or in your personal life, we help you go about your day-to-day in ways that are smarter, simpler, and easier for you to maintain.

There are real benefits.

For most of our clients, the benefits are immediately apparent. There are places for everything, and everything is easy to keep in place.

Useless and extraneous items and information become orderly and manageable.  Personal and business recordkeeping and processes come out of the just-in-time shoebox and workflow becomes easier and more natural.

The day-to-day transitions of errands, home organization, moving, event planning, administration and reminding (and much more!) are managed for you. Professionally, simply, and easily – all on your behalf, all affordably.

Our bottom line:

This is what simplify is about – making your day-to-day life smarter, simpler and easier.

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